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Browning Trail Camera – Dark OpsBrowning is ruling the trail camera industry with its two revolutionary trail cameras named Strike Force and Dark Ops. Be it Strike Force Sub micro or Dark Ops, both provide the best image and video recording quality, although Strike Force is currently ruling the industry due to its outstanding features and  pricing. The performance Dark Ops provides its user is something that can be expected from a camera falling in the premium range but Browning has somehow managed to squeeze all the good features at nominal pricing in the Browning Dark Ops trail camera model.

The Dark Ops is better than many premium cameras as it fulfills the user’s need to be hidden and discreet while capturing image without any difficulty.

Let us take a closer look at all the benefits and limitations of the Browning Dark ops and help decide what is best for you.

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Detection Circuit

Similar to the Browning Strike Force, Dark Ops has a 0.67s trigger speed while the recovery speed is 2.3 seconds. The speed is impressive and makes sure that no shot is missed by the camera. Although few may argue that the recovery time is not great and many other cameras have faster recovery time, Dark Ops has a perfect balance of trigger time and recovery time which cannot be matched by most of the high rated cameras. Security using Dark ops is a good idea and wildlife photography is a treat as you can capture most interesting images.

Dark Ops loses to Strike Force Sub Micro when we compare their detection range. Dark Ops offers a 70 feet detection range while the Strike Force range extends to 100 feet. Nevertheless, 70 feet is above average range when compared to many other trail cameras in the market.

Image Quality

Browning Dark Ops possesses a no glow camera which causes the images to come out just a little bit dull when compared to Strike Force. However, the pictures are clear and crisp. Color quality and sharpness is accurate and provides you with a lively experience.

The camera is highly reliable in different weather conditions and it won’t let you down. No customer has complained about blurriness. You may only experience some difficulty if the animal is very close to the camera and the picture is clicked. This may result in white spots on the picture.

Battery Life

Dark Ops operates on 8 AA batteries which are to be purchased separately as it does not come along with the package. Lithium batteries are recommended for extra longevity. On the other hand, if you budget is on the lower side, you can use Nimh rechargeable batteries. You can also use alkaline batteries with this trail camera, but is not recommended to use them as they are very inconsistent.

This camera draws low current during the resting state, which means that consumption of power during the day is very low, although consumption during the night time may be higher.

On an average, a set of lithium batteries will provide a battery life equivalent of one hunting season.


The tree bark style can be easily mounted any place outdoors and is easily hidden. It is sturdy and instantly blends with the natural environment, which helps in clicking the best shots as the animal s won’t be able to recognize the camera in the surrounding environment. The finer details and design of this camera is masterfully done and it comes handy when you need to mount it.


The Browning Dark Ops camera weighs in a little over a pound. The entire unit is on the larger side which is a cause of consideration.

Recommended Level

This is a great camera for people of all levels and skills, but it’s especially user-friendly for someone who is new to trail cameras. Browning provides a beginner friendly manual which has some really good starter tips and tricks. A plethora of features and above average specifications is more than enough to keep intermediate and advance users happy. Users in the beginner to intermediate range would be more interested in purchasing this trail camera.


Although the case looks strong, in reality it’s only average when it comes to durability. This camera is not weatherproof or waterproof, so it won’t endure a lot of heavy hitting activities. But since being of average durability is infinitely better than poor durability, it gets by on that alone.

Pictures and Video

The 10 MP resolution of the Browning Trail Camera – Dark Ops is one of its best features, although it goes largely unnoticed by many. This is a full HD trail camera that can take sharp images and record HD videos with sound featuring 5 seconds to 2 minutes in length. The output looks extremely crisp on a HD television, even if it’s a recent model. The quality of the night time pictures is good but the quality of the day time pictures is where this camera stands out.

Battery Usage

Battery life and the power saving feature is another area where this camera stands out. Even if you use generic 8AA batteries of good quality, you can expect positive results in the field. You can get up to a full year of use on a single charge, if you have quality batteries.


Going by today’s standards, the specifications and features and battery saving design are some of the best for a camera this size. It has one of the fastest trigger speeds, capturing its target in just 0.67 seconds. This trail camera is fully HD, clicking stunning images and videos even in varying conditions. Its range is up to 70 feet all the while covering a wide area. The Browning Buck Watch time-lapse viewer software included within the package is great for getting a feel of all the available customization options. The camouflage used for the case is designed very well and blends naturally within the surroundings which make it really hard to be detected.

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The casing is of average durability and will not survive extreme conditions. Day time viewing is crisp and sharp while the night time viewing appears grainy. In reality, this trail camera wasn’t meant for taking great night time images and videos. In spite of the many features, there isn’t anything truly innovative and groundbreaking in this trail camera.

How Do People View It?

Reviews are on the positive side, with many people mentioning how brilliant the day time viewing is with the 10 megapixel resolution of the camera. Another feature that is garnering much praise is its battery efficiency and how compatible it is with several different brands. Night time viewing is varying in quality as reported by many people. The lightning fast trigger speed of the camera is another feature user’s talk about the most. Customers also love the separate displays for battery and memory, as it keeps them up to date with what is important.


The price point of this camera is quite low and reasonable. And since this camera can be used by just about anyone from novices to advance users, it can turn out to be a good first-time purchase. The only drawback when it comes to value v/s price is that the night time quality isn’t really that great. On top of that, the average casing can make it a tricky purchase for someone looking to buy multiple cameras.

Lasting Appeal

Depending on maintenance, users should get a solid 3 to 5 years of usage out of the camera. Being of average durability, this camera may be less appealing to those looking for something long term. And also since the night time quality really suffers, the appeal of this camera may fall down further for some buyers who wish to use it during the night as well.


This camera is definitely not rare as there are quite a lot of these to be found. The Browning Dark Ops Trail Camera is a reputable brand, so expect this product to be on sale at many places until they create a collector’s edition.

Personal Opinion

Browning has put a lot of work into the Dark Ops brand and it shows. In our opinion, this particular camera has a lot of features and potential but is limited in important aspects like durability and night mode. Since Browning honors their warranty, you can look past durability issues but the sub-par night vision is hard to neglect. If this product is available for cheap or for sale, only then should you buy it. Otherwise, we would advise you to look at Browning’s other cameras.



Browning boasts of a lot of great trail cameras in their series, and the Dark Ops trail camera may be one of them depending on what you need in a trail camera. With only a couple of limitations, the Dark Ops camera has the potential to compete with other cameras in the market. When the price drops a bit, this can turn out to be a great deal.

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