Bushnell 12MP HD Essential Low Glow Trail Camera

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD


A larger than average detection range along with the lightning quick detection circuit puts the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essentials among the best game hunting cameras in the market.

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Image Quality

Similar to other premium hunting cameras in the market, the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential is equipped with a field of view of 55 degrees, which is a marked improvement over older game cameras having a field of view of 42 degrees. This will result in a wider picture frame with the added likelihood that a game is clicked in the image.

For night time images and videos, an array of 32 infrared LEDs present in this game camera lights up objects up to the range of 80 feet. Images are clicked with 12 MP resolution of high quality, which is marginally superior to some of the other best trail cameras in the market. The 12 MP images allow you to zoom in on an image without losing quality. In comparison, an iPhone 6 is equipped with a camera of 8 MP resolutions.

Videos are shot in 720p HD. Images of game captured during the day time will look impressive, but since most of the pictures clicked by trail cameras of animals are usually black and white night time images, it won’t fully do justice to the 720p resolution.


The feature that really stands out in the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essentials is the detection circuit. With a detection range of 80 feet, it is one of the strongest of any trail cameras reviews we have done on this site. In addition, this game hunting camera has quite a large detection zone due to the above average detection angle of 55 degrees, which means you will be able to click more images of wild game than with any other hunting camera.

Apart from its large detection zone, this game camera has one of the fastest trigger speeds of just 0.3 seconds. This will result in an image being clicked just 0.3 seconds after detecting motion. This will help in capturing even the quickest moving game perfectly in the frame.

Lastly, a recovery time of 1 second is again one of the quickest, which means after a picture is clicked, it will be ready to detect motion again in 1 second. Many hunting cameras take up to 5 seconds or more to recover, which results in lesser images captured of game that will loiter a few seconds within the detection zone of your camera.

Additional Features

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential is equipped with a multi-shot mode similar to many hunting cams. You can program the camera to click 1, 2, or 3 shots per trigger. This can be the optimal way to make sure that you capture the game at multiple angles.

This game camera is also equipped with Hybrid Capture which is essentially a time-lapse hybrid mode. This means you can capture time triggered images as well as movement triggered images. You can program it to trigger at set intervals ranging from once per minute to once per hour.


This hunting camera operates on 8 AA batteries. The package includes a nylon belt designed to securely mount it on a tree. Unlike other hunting cams, there is no camouflage on the casing, but the dull brown color still blends in quite well with the bark of the tree.

The design of the game hunting camera is standard. On top of the camera is the array of infrared LEDs with the camera lens below it. The passive infrared movement sensor is placed below the lens. The buttons used to configure the camera can be accessed when you open it.

To prolong its battery life, this hunting cam is equipped with a power jack so that you can hook it up to a power source. With dimensions of 6 inches in height and 4 inches of width, it is marginally larger than most other trail cams.


12 MP resolution results in high quality images that doesn’t seem to lose quality when zoomed in.

The recovery time and trigger speed make it among the fastest game hunting cams in the market.

Multi-shot mode ensures you capture the game at multiple angles.

Impressive trigger speed of 0.3 Second

8AA batteries can last upto 12 months

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This game cam doesn’t have camouflage on the casing.

This camera is on the larger side to the dislike of some.

Help & Support

This trail camera has a 1 year warranty.

On top of that, the customer service of Bushnell is top notch, with its representatives having in-depth know how of its products. They can be reached either through phone or email.



The Bushnell 12 MP Trophy Cam HD Essential Low Glow Trail Camera is among the best hunting game cameras that you can purchase. The big detection zone enhances the probability that you will capture images of game, while the lightning quick detection circuit ensures those images will be as good as possible.

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