Logitech G513 and G560 with LIGHTSYNC Review And Hands On

What’s Philips’ Ambilight, Logitech’s new LIGHTSYNC technology today?

Logitech products with LIGHTSYNC support analyze screen content or game noise – or both simultaneously – and translate that information into a colorful play of lights. A mouse with this gimmick already existed, the G502. With the new keyboard and speakers, Logitech puts those two other highlights aside, in the truest sense of the word. From now on the sea of lights should not only look good but also have a practical use.

G560 – The Immersive 2.1 PC Gaming Speaker

Let’s start with the speakers first. The packaging is big and heavy, bigger and heavier than you could guess from the pictures. This is mainly due to the large subwoofer. Although this is slim (25cm) but quite high (40cm) and weighs a stately 5.5kg. That’s almost too big to fit on a desk. After all, there is usually a large screen, the PC, writing material, snacks and the satellite speakers are still there. In any case, we did not know what to do with it at first and put it under the table.

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The cables are long enough for that, fits! The advantage of a large subwoofer: A rich bass and that is delivered. The bass box with 165mm diameter sits in the bottom of the case. This is on soft and non-slip rubber feet to avoid disturbing noises.

With an input impedance of around 10 K ohms, a maximum sound pressure level of 97 dB and a peak output of 240 watts (120 watts RMS), the G560 delivers more than enough power to annoy your neighbors. It is a pity that the subwoofer does not have its own bass control. The default setting is a bit too bass heavy in our eyes and it would have been nice to make the bass directly via an analog knob and not over the software equalizer. This falsified in the wrong setting rather the otherwise excellent sound.

The satellite boxes have a considerable frequency range of 40 Hz to 18 kHz and are equipped with two LED zones, one large at the back and one smaller at the side in the house. Both zones can be switched on and off manually and adjusted in brightness. The game world is thus extended almost to the entire room. Game developers are already providing a large number of presets for their games, which can be quickly and easily downloaded and installed via the new Logitech Gaming software.

The launch will feature blockbusters such as Battlefield 1, Civilization VI, Counter-Strike: Go, Dota, Fortnite, GTAV, The Division and even Discord. With numerous animation effects, impressive results can be achieved. So the flamethrower in Battlefield 1 practically fires beyond the edge of the screen, Directly in our room or when the police are following us in GTA, the surroundings are alternately illuminated in red and blue.

It is also possible to selectively select any part of the screen and to assign one of the four lighting effects. The G560 captures what’s happening in these areas in real-time and balances the illumination of the speakers with the colors on the screen.

The music is now visible too. If you like listening to a lot of music, you will enjoy this feature: connect eg the mobile phone or the iPod via Bluetooth and the visualizer of the G560 becomes active and brings the music to life. At the same time, light pulses are triggered in the synced rhythm of the music. The lights on the side stand for the mids and heights and the LEDs on the back for the bass.

Incidentally, audio sources can not only be connected via Bluetooth but also via 3.5mm jack or USB. A maximum of four sources can be connected and conveniently switched through with just one touch of a button. Thus, the G560 can also serve as an audio control center.

DTS: X Ultra Surround Sound

Yes, this is just a 2.1 sound system, but thanks to DTS: X Ultra Surround, very precise, position-dependent audio data is transmitted. In shooters, this technique is a decisive advantage, but the system provides a 3D soundscape, which makes the environment clearly audible from any position. In practice, this actually worked pretty well. Good headphones or a true 5.1 system are better.

G513 Carbon – The Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard


The G810 is already a board but this new RGB keyboard with its noble alloy of aircraft aluminum is still a bit prettier! Also, the G513 is a high-end/high-performance gaming keyboard with a signal rate of less than 1 millisecond and comes in two variants: Romer-G Tactile and Romer-G Linear. Linear keys are gentler in touch and have a very little to no pressure point, which in our eyes is more suitable for playing.

Tactile keys, on the other hand, have a slight “click”, a tactile resistance and are therefore more comfortable for writing. Ultimately, that’s a matter of opinion. Great is that we have the choice. Logitech’s patented Romer-G keys are quick and accurate anyway. In contrast to the G810, there are no separate controls for the multimedia control anymore. This is now done on request via function keys and the FN switching function.

The customization of RGB lighting is as simple as it gets, there are even some new effects like horizontal waves or afterglow but in practice, this is more bauble and has no real use. It’s nice to watch anyway.

New to the G513, however, is the USB loop-through capability. The keyboard has two USB cables, one of which connects the USB loop-through connector on the top of the keyboard with its own USB input on the PC. Handy for charging the mobile phone or for connecting a gaming mouse.

In addition, Logitech provides spare keycaps and a key removal tool, so that the most used keys can be replaced quickly and easily when worn. Also handy: 26-key (!) Rollover with anti-ghosting and programmable key macros for the function keys F1-F12. The scope of delivery also includes a wrist rest with memory foam. The comfort foam is wrapped in durable, water-repellent and sweat-resistant artificial leather. That feels good and is actually very comfortable.


The new magic word at Logitech is called LIGHTSYNC. At first glance no more than a “swag”, but on the other hand a real asset, as is the case with Philips Ambilight TVs. The gaming experience is intensified even more with these speakers, if only minimally. But I think the great lighting is more than a bonus anyway because it’s the beautiful mix of style, sound and build quality that characterizes the G560 speakers. In addition, it is currently the only sound system with API-RGB lighting on the market (“Ambilight”).

The same applies to the G513 Carbon Keyboard, which also shines with excellent workmanship. Nothing negative really comes to my mind now. Except perhaps the high cost. The Logitech G560 PC Gaming Speaker and G513 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard are expected to be available in early April 2018 at retail prices of CHF 279.- and CHF 189.-, respectively. The keyboard will be available in carbon and silver (Romer-G Tactile only). As you say: quality has its price!

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