Moultrie P-150 Game Camera

The Moultrie P-150 Game Camera is the first panoramic camera in Moultrie’s series. Though it is a good game camera, it can get a bit complicated and be intimidating for those who are new to panoramic (wide angle) cameras. By launching this camera series, Moultrie has become an automatic leader in the panoramic camera segment, as there aren’t a lot of reputed ones in the industry.

So, how does this game camera hold up against Moultrie’s regular camera and also the other cameras already present in the market? Well, apart from the panoramic view, Moultrie has thrown in some interesting features in this camera that will have customers salivating for more.

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This trail camera is one of those rare few that will look exactly like it functions. Made like a mini watchtower inside the camera, you can see exactly where the lens moves around. The dark camouflage is suitable for trail hunting purposes only. Home security with this camera won’t be a good option, as the camera needs to be placed in a position from where it will be able to capture the widest field of view, and placing it in a home just isn’t going to work.

Weight & Dimensions

This big boy weighs up to 2.3 pounds, so there’s really no need to worry about strong winds blowing it over from its mounting place. The dimensions of the camera are 7.5×9.5×5 inches and along with the weight, it can get quite bulky. But, that’s a tradeoff in lieu of a more innovative trail camera. When mounting the camera, utmost care should be taken to place it in an area from where the 150-degree lens can capture the widest field of view.

Recommended Level

Even with the panoramic feature, users of any level should be able to use it without any difficulty. Users can have a hard time trying to find the ideal place to mount it, considering how wide a field of view it can cover. But, when it comes to the actual setup of the camera itself, users of any level can easily master the most important customizations and features.


The durability of this product is good and in most cases, it should be able to withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures. The design of the casing is sturdy and even the 150-degree lens that stretches across the front is resistant to damage.

Pictures and Video

The 8MP resolution of this game camera is just enough to keep your attention. Photo quality is great whereas the quality of the video is also good. Videos do not have much customization options but the end result is still an impressive 720p quality. For an 8MP camera, the resolution is very good and falls on the higher side of even Moultrie’s series. Customization options include multiple modes that have their own panoramic settings, which are .5MP, 2MP, 4MP, and 8MP.

Battery Usage

Instead of regular AA batteries, the Moultrie P-150 Game Camera operates on larger C batteries which are also easily available. You will need 6 batteries in total, which adds some appreciable amount of weight to the already bulky package. But on a positive note, you can expect the batteries to last for quite a long time. On an average, you should be able to get 9000 pictures out of the batteries, before you need to worry about charging or replacing them. In hindsight, the larger C batteries seem to be a perfect fit for the power of this game camera.

Here is a list of Pros and Cons we found in the sleek Moultrie P-150 Game Camera.


You can keep an eye on everything in the area with the full 150-degree panoramic camera which gives you a really wide field of view.

The camera is easily hidden outside even in plain sight as the camouflage of the casing is dark and pretty good.

Any heat movement up to 45 feet is easily detected with the ultra-sensitive PIR motion sensor.

If you don’t want the camera to trigger too often in places where there is a lot of movement, you can set a motion delay through the settings. This will also help extend battery life.

Hybrid mode takes multiple modes into account when deciding when to trigger, making it highly programmable in places where there is a lot of game.

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As the camera is too bulky and heavy, it will be hard to mount it at a high place if you prefer to take aerial panoramic shots, and may prove to be too dangerous in many cases.

The larger 6C batteries add appreciable weight to the already bulky package, all the while not providing many advantages over the standard AA batteries. So, it means this is a processor heavy camera that consumes a lot of power.

While 720p is adequate, 1080p should have been included to match modern video standards.

Using the camera for home security purpose won’t result in the best experience due to the panoramic view and camouflage design.

How Do People View It?

According to many reviews online, the setup is easy for even new camera users. People are in love with the panoramic view of the Moultrie P-150 Game Camera. Many people have uploaded images online, doing a side by side comparison of images taken from their regular game camera versus this wide-angled game camera, and the difference is staggering. Though unexpected, buyers are also praising the use of C batteries over regular AA batteries with regards to power consumption. People also compliment the affordable pricing of this model which is considered as one of Moultrie’s best.


This is definitely a great deal. The pricing is really low and affordable for a quality panoramic camera from Moultrie. For the money you are spending, you are getting a lot in return. Throw in a 1-year warranty from Moultrie, and there is apparently no reason to consider any other panoramic camera apart from others in the Moultrie’s lineup. Anything less than 8MP resolution and 720p would have been a deal breaker, but they included just enough to keep things interesting.

Lasting Appeal

Even with the 720p quality, this is one of those rare few cameras that is going to be relevant for a long time to come. There isn’t much competition for quality wide angled cameras, so Moultrie is way ahead when it comes to features such as resolution, quality, and customization. So, unless something bigger and better launches in the market in the next few years, there is hardly any reason to go looking for another wide angle camera.

Personal Opinion

By launching a panoramic camera with all the specifications and features of a top camera in their own series, Moultrie has really outdone themselves with this product. The only drawbacks we can think of are 720p quality and the use of larger C batteries, but neither of them is really a big problem. Moultrie may very well continue to lead the panoramic line for the next foreseeable years.



Panoramic cameras are impressive if you have a wide open area and want to get the widest shot possible in a single take. Very few cameras brands have this feature but none are as good as the Moultrie. This is a great and affordable buy, one that will compliment most of your hunting requirements.

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