Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP Wireless Trail Camera Review

We live in times where technology is continuously changing and ever improving in all arenas. Trail cameras are no different, which brings us to the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP Wireless Trail Camera. Let’s review this camera right away, because this is an exciting one.

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The Look

When you see this camera, the prominent thing that stands out is the ‘look’. It gives off an impression that it is a beast. It appears like a big walkie-talkie due to its stacked design. It is great for stealth purposes as it comes in an inconspicuous brown camouflage.

The camera is invisible to animals and fellow hunters as it is equipped with no-glow LED lights. The no-glow LED lights is a big advantage as it does not alert people to the presence of a camera in the surroundings, which in turn will rarely result in people stealing your camera.

Remote Accessibility

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 2
Image Courtesy: Bushnell

The features of this camera are one of its most striking aspects. The ability to connect and use cloud storage for images and videos is a huge deal. For those who don’t use cloud storage or want a combination of both, the camera does have a memory slot.

After you have set up the camera, you can download and install an app that will let you connect to the camera remotely. This app is available for free on both the Android and iOS platforms. This app gives you the ability to send your pictures and videos to an email, a smartphone, and even social media sites such as Facebook. Bushnell also offers prepaid 3G services, if you don’t have wifi connectivity at the place where you have set up your trail camera. It may also be possible to tie it to your cell phone provider.

This trail camera is very easy to set up. A SIM card, as well as a data card, is included in the package. But as far as we know, the 3G service is only available to those residing in the US with the renewals being very economical. The remote feature works flawlessly and as advertised. You can just whip out your smartphone anywhere, open the app, and keep an eye on how things are going.

The Pictures

What sets this trail camera apart from the rest is the image quality. The 14 MP high-quality full-color resolution account for extremely sharp and detailed pictures. The clarity of the 720p videos is stunning as well. The length of each video is customizable and can last between 1 second to 1 minute, which is definitely an improvement over many cameras that tend to last 15-30 seconds maximum.

The clarity of this trail camera shines both through the daytime as well as the night. This camera is equipped with one of the best night vision and its range is amazing as well. This trail camera is also equipped with a sensor that automatically triggers night-mode when nighttime beckons, thereby saving you the hassle of manually changing the setting to night vision.

Hyper PIR

Even though the night vision range is impressive, the daytime range is even more so. In most cases, movement up to 60 yards and beyond is easily detected by the Hyper PIR motion sensor and offers dramatically expanded coverage area.

Field Scan 2x

Similar to most game trail cameras, this can be set to click pictures automatically at defined intervals. The time range is impressive, to say the least, and is easily configurable to take pictures every second to every hour, within the hour of your choice. But, what sets this game trail camera apart from its competition is the 2 timeslot options, which means you can configure one interval for the daytime and another for the night.

Unlike the other game cameras, this camera doesn’t throw up a dilemma of having to choose between the time interval and motion sensor settings. It will pick up any movement within its detection range as well as click images at whatever interval you have set it to.


This trail camera is very sturdy and durable. It is both waterproof as well as weatherproof and can withstand rain, snow, and even harsh winds. It can operate in the climate range from -5 degrees to 140 degrees, which is easily the largest range by a long mile.


As we have already seen, this game camera is definitely a beast in every way imaginable and a beast requires a lot of firepowers to run. This trail camera runs on 12 AA batteries. On an average, you can expect 3 months of use on a single set of batteries.



This game camera from Bushnell is worth the investment even if it is a bit costly. The crystal clear HD pictures and videos along with the sharpest after-dark imagery, the many programmable settings and features, a lightning-fast trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, and out of the box wireless compatibility put it in a league of its own.

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