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Moultrie is an established name in the trail camera market and with its launch of Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera, it has increased its presence in the market. With this review, we will try to find the pros and cons of the camera and all that it has to offer to its users so that it will help you make a learned decision.

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No-Glow IR

No-Glow IR technology of the Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera is very good for hunters. This helps the camera be discreet while clicking pictures when the animal is in the detection range without spooking the animal. The Infrared flash has a range of 80 feet which is quite impressive and covers a large distance.

Exceptional Image Quality

Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera is designed to cater to your good image quality needs. With 12 MP resolution, the camera is committed to supplying you with high resolution and vivid pictures of the animals within its detection zone.

The Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera is able to record 1080p resolution video that is by far the best quality available. So if you want to play the recorded video even on a widescreen, you will not find the video to be blurred, grainy or too stretched. The camera record 30 frames per second giving you a better video quality. Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera can record the video for up to 90 seconds in a single go.

With a quick trigger speed of 0.5 sec, the Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera does a good job in capturing images of the animal within the detection range. The trail camera ensures to give a high quality picture of the game or an intruder when they are in the detection range of 50 feet.

The motion detection feature works very well with the Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera. If any motion is detected within 50 feet range, the camera starts snapping pictures. There are other options as well which the user can use to choose what the camera should click an image of.

The time lapse mode helps you click picture after a fixed period of time set by the user himself. With the use of time-lapse mode, the user can program the camera to click images after a regular interval and this feature also helps capture environment out of the 50 feet range.

If you want to have the best of both feature, st the Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera for motion detection as well as time-lapse mode.


The Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera is styled with camouflage exterior but in a more modern way. With this new improvement in style, the camera is good for home security without drawing much attention. When we talk about wildlife photography or hunting, this style of camera is definitely a good choice as it hides in plain sight and blends with the environment.

Weight & Dimensions

Moultrie has built their Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera on a bit heavy side and a bit bigger as well than other cameras in the market but not much. The weight of the camera is 1.4 pounds which is okay and the dimensions are 7.5×9.5×5. With these dimensions, the camera is not really hard to be placed in any given environment. The extra weight gives Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera a bit more stability than its counterparts.


Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera like any other camera from Moultrie is sturdy and hard to bear the rough rub. The camera is efficient in bearing few drops, knock and even harsh weather. The casing of the camera is very hard and protects the inner components from getting damaged. However, the extra weight added to the camera makes it more durable and knock-resistant. Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera is a fine example of craftsmanship and hard work put in the manufacturing of this camera can be seen.

Battery life

Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera uses 8AA batteries to operate. This kind of requirement is standard in most of the trail cameras available in the market. If you wish the set of batteries to last for up to 1 year then you must adjust the usage accordingly. Regular image capturing, wifi connectivity and time-lapse mode can reduce the overall life of batteries.

Also, this is very important to keep in mind that an external power supply option is available which can help you save lots of money on batteries.

Additional Options

Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera is highly customizable and with added features and options to enhance user experience. This camera is high on latest technology. With feature such as wireless connectivity that helps you remotely connect to the camera whenever you wish, the camera gives good competition to many of the costly cameras available in the market.

The Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera provides you with an option of automatically uploading the pictures to the email and sends it to you. This ensures back up of the pictures and automation of receiving the images clicked by the camera. Now you don’t need manual retrieving of the pictures and you can leave the camera in the wild for as long as the battery is not completely drained.

Another awesome feature of Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera is its Memory Management option. You can customize the camera to overwrite the oldest photos by enabling ‘overwrite oldest’ mode. This will ensure that the pictures are uploaded on the internet and when the memory is limited, oldest images will get deleted making space for the new images.

Simplicity of Use

Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera has a 2.5inch wide display screen that helps in programming the camera with great ease. The display screen also highlights remaining battery percent and the current date. The view is clear and the display is not harsh on the eyes.

User-interface of Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera is very easy and straight-forward making the setup process quite hassle-free and less time-consuming. Also, the manual provided with the camera helps a lot. You can secure the camera with the password protection technology by adding a 5 digit passcode. This will ensure the security of the clicked images and keep your mind at ease.


Camouflage design of the camera blends with various environments and is aesthetically pleasing

Various modes such as time lapse, motion detection can be used in synchronization with each other making the camera more user-friendly

2.5-inch wide display screen helps in setting up of the camera and is easy on the eyes

Battery can last up to 1 year which is applauding able and external power supply option helps save money on battery

No glow infrared does not spook animal and has range of up to 80 feet

Motion detection sensor can detect up to 50 feet

Feature such as wireless connectivity and ‘overwrite oldest’ when used in sync helps save space on SD card

Quick trigger time of 0.5 seconds

12 MP HD camera that records videos up to 90 seconds in 1080p resolution

Password protection on camera ensures security 

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Recovery time of up to 5.5 seconds due to wireless connectivity feature

Counterparts offering 20MP resolution but at a much higher price

Recommended Level

Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera is a very good camera with high customization options and lots of added features that can be seen in any expert choice camera. However, the camera is very easy to setup and use. With the super easy user-manual, the camera break barrier of limiting itself to intermediate to expert user and expand itself for even beginners market.

The instructions are straightforward and can get used to pretty quickly. If you have never used a Moultrie, your learning curve may be a bit bigger but eventually, you will love the camera for what it offers. There are few complex settings which a beginner may not understand initially, but over the period of time and with regular usage, a beginner can quickly turn into an intermediate user.


Moultrie m-1100i Game Camera comes with all the best features available in the market. With high definition video recording, time lapse mode, motion detection mode, overwrite oldest mode, wireless connectivity, automatic uploading of images to the email, no glow infrared flashlights and date and time stamping, the camera offers as much as it can.

It is the best value for money purchase and is highly recommended. For a camera which falls under the $100 category, this came gives tough competition to few of the cameras in the big league.

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