Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera


If you wish to capture clear wildlife images or want a camera for home security, Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera is a very good option to opt for. This camera is very easy to set up and use.

Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera offers 3 pre-set modes which helps you make speedy adjustments to the settings. You can do the pre-set adjustment with the use of dial which reduces the setup hassle to huge degrees

Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera has many features that can help you track movement of local wildlife which will help you capture great images.

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What Is included?

Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera box includes the camera itself and 8 AA batteries to power it up. The batteries will help you get started as soon as possible without spending extra money on buying new batteries. Also, a 4 GB SD card comes along with the package that again saves you money and helps you start right away.

Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera is accompanied by mounting strap that helps you mount the camera to any tree you wish without any problem. The tree housing that comes along with the camera camouflages the camera to a huge extent making it unnoticeable to the animal in the surrounding. At the end, you get a user manual which will guide you throughout how to use the camera and it will help you learn advanced features of the camera as well.

Memory and Recording Capabilities

Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera can support as low as 4GB SD card and as high as 32 GB SD card. One 4GB SD card is bundled along with the purchase which you can use to start clicking pictures immediately. Using a 32GB SD card will help you record videos and capture images without thinking about transferring the files at a very short interval.


Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera has a 60-degree infrared range, helping it cover a good amount of area. Infrared helps the camera to click pictures in the dark without using light flash that may be startling the animals and alert intruders if any. The camera can capture images of wildlife from 50 feet away even at night time.

Camera Modes

There are various modes to select from in Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera. Burst mode helps you click 1 to 6 images per burst in rapid succession. The time-lapse mode will click images at regular intervals as per the settings are done. Motion detection mode will click pictures when a motion is sensed in the detection zone of 60 feet.

You can record videos from the camera from 5 seconds to 15 seconds. The recording limit is quite low. Video recording is bound to eat more of the memory on the SD card but it also helps you get an accurate idea of the things happening in the camera surrounding.


The camera does not offer wireless connectivity but it surely offers a USB port which you can use to download the images and video recording in a pen drive. You can also plug the camera into your computer and transfer the files on your computer.

If the camera cannot be taken from where it is placed, you can use your laptop to extract data from the camera and store it in your laptop.

Stealth Design

The camera is designed keeping in mind the surroundings it will be used in. Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera comes with a rough casing that helps it protect inside of the camera. The camera is weather resistant and can perform under multiple climatic conditions. It is waterproof as well reducing the risk of getting damaged by rain.

The Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera is fitted with 18 infrared flash that does not trigger light startling the animals in the vicinity but works silently without attracting any eyes towards itself. The camera comes along with a 3D tree bark coloring which makes it undetectable in the wildlife area.

Battery and Power

Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera requires a set of 8AA batteries to work efficiently. Luckily one set of batteries is supplied when the camera is purchased. The battery can last up to 6 months depending upon the usage. If you wish to save money on the battery, you can use a 12-volt power supply. However, it needs to be purchased separately as it does not come along with the whole package.

Common Doubts and Answers

1) How good is the flash Light?

The flashlight system is very efficient. Due to the IR flashlights, the camera does not disturb any wildlife that enters the detection zone and click natural pictures. However, the camera cannot compete with natural light when crispness and clarity are compared. The pictures may get blur sometimes. Best pictures will come if the animal is within 30 feet distance.

2) Can clicked images be viewed in display screen?

No, you cannot view clicked images using the display screen. If you wish to see the captured images, you will need to transfer those images to your computer or laptop and then view them. Use USB port or remove the SD card from the camera to transfer the media files.

3) Does the camera record audio along with the video?

No, the Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera does not record audio along with video.


Burst mode helps capture 1-6 images

Weather resistant casing protect the camera in various environment

18IR flash avoid attention during night time image capturing

3d tree Bark coloring helps the camera hide effectively in the environment

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 Slow recovery time of up to 5 seconds

No audio recording along with video recording

Video recording limited to 5 seconds to 15 seconds only 

Best Comparison

If we have to compare Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera with any other model, Moultire i-1100 is the best to compare with. The Moultrie counterpart is highly efficient and is loaded with features while Stealth lack in many of them. However, Stealth brand is very famous and has a good market share.


Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera is a good option for beginners but it is definitely not a good option for intermediate to expert users. The camera has features like burst mode which help you click multiple pictures in rapid succession. The 12 volt external power supply helps you save money on batteries.

Stealth Cam P18 7MP Compact Scouting Camera supports up to 32 GB SD card that helps you capture loads of images without worrying to change the SD card. Weather resistance adds to the benefits of the camera. It is a good option for beginners and will help the beginners learn using a game camera.

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