ZenNutt 12 MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera


ZenNutt 12MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera is a feature loaded game camera that you can use as a beginner to widen your knowledge and grow your expertise in using trail cameras. Here are few features of the ZenNutt 12MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera

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Lightning Fast Trigger Speed

With an impressive 0.2 second trigger time, ZenNutt 12MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera is surely winning hearts. There is no delay between two triggers which makes it virtually impossible for you to miss any important shot. There I also a multi-shot feature that allows you to take 3 pictures per trigger.

High Resolution

ZenNutt 12MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera has 12 MP camera which offers you the crispiest and vivid color photos of your captured images. While talking about videos, ZenNutt 12MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera provides you with 1080p resolution which is exceptional and outstanding. The clarity of videos reordered using ZenNutt HD mini Trail camera is super and can be easily stretched on big screens. During night time the pictures come in black and white. The pictures are clear and do not have much blurriness or pixelation.

Flash Range & 120° Angle Detection

ZenNutt 12MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera uses state of the art technology of multiple zone detection sensors to cover 120-degree wide angle. The Flash range is 65 feet which are impressive. Now you can cover a wide area without missing any wildlife and intruder entering the detection zone.
The camera is IP54 waterproof protecting it against rough rainy climate. The camera is also fitted with infrared flashlights which make the camera stealth during night time and does not alert the wildlife or trespassers.

Wide Display Screen

The camera has a 2.4”” wide LCD screen display which is helpful if you wish to customize anything in the camera. Further, the camera does not need the hassle of being set up. The camera comes already set with most of the wildlife applications. This feature of ZenNutt is ideal for beginners and will surely help them get used to the camera.
The expert users also get something out of the camera. They can easily personalize the camera according to their needs and start capturing images and videos right away.

Function Loaded Camera

There are many standard functions available in the camera. Features such as time lapse, multi-shot, interval, password protection to save your collected images from unwanted users, time stamp, timer and alarm to alert you when the battery is low, make it an ideal choice. This camera can be said to be almost flawless.
ZenNutt 12MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera comes with a latch that is sturdy, big and easy to use. You can attach a tripod to the camera using the threaded insert available at the bottom of the camera. IP54 Waterproof certificate assures that the camera can be kept out in open for an extended period of time without worrying about it.


12 MP camera with 1080p resolution for video recording

Infrared flashlights to capture pictures during night time without glowing

0.2 seconds trigger time without delay in 2 triggers

Burst mode captures 3 pictures per trigger

Wide detection zone with 120-degree angle covering

Small and easily portable

65 feet long flash range

Pictures and videos can be seen on a big stretched screen without pixelation issue

Multiple features such as timer, time lapse, multi-shot, time stamp and alarm for low battery

Date time and temperature stamp on each image

Rough camera that can bear extreme temperature from -20° c to 60° c

Memory support of up to 32 GB

USB port available to extract files from the camera

Standby up to 3 months using 4AA batteries and 6 months using 8AA batteries

Waterproof camera with IP54 certification

1 Year manufacturer’s warranty

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There are few downsides to the ZenNutt 12MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera which we are listing below:

The camera comes with mounting bracket. But this bracket is very delicate and needs special care while mounting the camera. You will not be able to mount the camera in case the mounting bracket is broken. You will have to buy a new mounting bracket to use.

The mounting strap is not quite effective. There are no teeth in the mounting strap which can be attached to keep the strap in place. If the strap is not fixed properly, the camera can flop around.
Sometimes the photos can be a bit pixelated and cause a grainy effect on the image. The camera malfunctions sometimes which causes the captured image or video to be of low quality.

Box Includes

1 ZenNutt HD Mini Trail Camera

1 USB 2.0 Cable

1 strap

1 mount cable

1 AV cable

1 Stand Mount

1 Stand Support

1 User Manual

Bolts Stopper as required

Important Note

Check for the stand mount and strap inside the box.


ZenNutt 12MP HD Mini Trail & Game Camera is a good camera with loads of features. The camera is good for beginners and even for intermediate users. The high 12 MP camera helps you capture good pictures and video, However; there are few complaints when we talk about the quality of pictures captured. The mounting system is also not very good and has some flaws which can make the whole camera just a big costly souvenir.
With wide detection zone and infrared flash, you will enjoy the camera. The camera comes with lots of add-ons to make the whole package look very good. The battery life is not very promising and you will need to spend money on battery.
Overall, the camera is good for the price but may have few flaws that are hard to avoid or overlook.

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